Bin Day

Maybe this diary entry should be filed under the category, ‘Rural Life is Not Really That Easy’. The bin men (and they are, always, men) drive over the Sparty Lea bridge, and collect the garbage from the bins that local folks have trundled from afar to this central dispersal site. You’re supposed to have the bins out and ready by 9:00am, so of course, if we remember, we drag them out to the bridge, from the bottom of our track, late on Wednesday afternoon. I know — the Allendale collection is on Mondays, but bin collection on the way out from Allendale to the ‘heeds is on Thursdays.

We bring the garbage down in the back of the car from our house far up on the hill, bouncing along over our half-mile track, and dump it in the bins carefully sequestered by the gate. Trundling the bins to the bridge is another 100m exercise there, and 100m back when they’re empty. It’s good for the soul, of course, except when it’s raining or snowing. And maybe even then.

But I often think, while dealing with the rubbish this way, that it worked out just as well before the bins, when I just conveniently took it along to the waste disposal site on Shilburn (with which Allendale is particularly blessed, and which will rate an entry of its own sometime soon in this diary) in the back of the car, and distributed the various items in the appropriate recycling spots. I have to do this anyway for bottles about once a month, since our recycling service doesn’t do glass disposal. Either way, waste disposal is different on the fellsides than it is in Allendale Town, after all. And we’re not unique — all up and down these valleys, the hinterland to the village, residents are doing much the same weekly chore.

Not that I’m complaining — I love living up the long track, and I love the wind and the rain and the blizzards, come to think of it — just describing this part of life in these valleys. Sure, life involves the mundane as well as the sublime, doesn’t it. Anyway, in terms of bins and waste disposal/recycling in this rural area: it’s not a piece of cake, but you know what, we cope!

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  1. Recycling exercises the mind if not the limbs on rubbish. I just hope that it’s all correctly processed at the other end. In some respects its positive we have to take the empty glass bottles to Allendale so you have the walk of shame hurling the copious amounts of empty gin bottles into the skips ( my days we’ve drunk how much over Xmas?)

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