Allendale area notices

I’m impressed! With over 1000 members, this friendly Facebook group under the unprepossessing name of Allendale area notices, features a running set of updates, queries, answers and information on things going on in Allendale and environs. I didn’t know about this! Against this veritable tide of useful information, posters in the shops seem so passé … and yet, and yet communication in the offline world is still important, isn’t it? If not more ‘real’, than somehow more tangible. But the older ways of communicating are slowly, inexorably, being replaced.

I notified the Aan group, thanks to Annie Bishop’s friendly comment on transport, about this little daily diary a couple afternoons ago, and by the end of the evening, 300 views had been clocked up on the stats. A few days before that, I’d posted an entry about our beloved Allendale Co-op, which made its way to the Co-op’s Facebook page and its 500+ followers, and before I knew it, 300 views came crashing in too. That’s compared with the 50 or so daily views elicited by email notices to folks in a few groups we’ve been part of. is now in its second week of life, and feels reasonably well launched for local consumption, with well over 1000 views so far.

So now that the local publicity is ‘out there’ online anyway, I can try to concentrate on the writing and collation of ideas for the diary. I’m so grateful and gobsmacked by the responses and views — and still eager to collate thoughts, reminiscences, contemporary photos, feelings and impressions, anything that helps to describe the unique life as it’s lived in these valleys this year. I so well remember the late great Tony Brennan’s comments at a Burns Night supper in Allendale Village Hall, wondering if maybe it wasn’t the water itself that makes Allendale folk so special. Certainly the ‘shining river’ still sparkles through the valleys.

And so it would be odd therefore, wouldn’t it in this online effort, even if it feels somehow circular, if I neglected to comment on the online community that helps enhance communications for the offline society. If this really is a diary about contemporary life in the village, we have to recognise how life is lived in all its manifestations, don’t we? Even if I’m still struggling to get to grips with Twitter.

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