Peter Dodd Contracting at Langley Sawmill

It was Sunday, so the gates were shut at Langley Sawmill, but the photo from the road deep in the Langley Bends reveals the significant enterprise that Peter Dodd has developed there.

We were lucky to get Peter and his team (which at the time included Jonny Burns on the muscle front) up our track to install a few second-hand M6 motorway barriers, to help forestall any untoward vehicular detours down the bank and into the burn! And then a useful number of strainers to take some farm gates around the garden, and the job was finished. We’ve been delighted with the workmanship!

Peter Dodd Agricultural Services has a vibrant and active facebook page. Currently touting Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees, but the Contracting part of the enterprise also features a discrete photo of the plaque at Isaac’s Well, which Peter and co-workers managed to get flowing a couple months ago. Peter is also deeply(!) involved in so-called ‘mole ploughing’ to install the conduit for the gigabit B4AV network throughout these valleys. In addition to these parts of the diversified enterprise, there’s a complete community of garden sheds and summer houses on display at the Langley Sawmill site. Plus firewood and kindling, as well as fencing supplies, of course.

It’s axiomatic that diversification so often provides that crucial fillip to any enterprise throughout these parts. Moreover, I imagine it’s fun too, to develop an additional capacity. If that’s the case, Peter Dodd must be having good fun these days, and more power to the enterprise!

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