Isaac’s Well flows again!

It may not look like much, the little fountain just left of the roadway entrance to Arnison Close, and it might typically be parked up as well, but Isaac’s Well, a Grade II listed structure, is part and parcel of Allendale’s fascinating history. Late last week Peter Dodd announced in Allendale area notices that his cheerful team had managed to get the water flowing again, after decades of being blocked. The community response was immediate, electric, delighted!

This public water supply was only one of Isaac Holden‘s many philanthropic endeavours. For me, the really remarkable thing about Isaac was the fact that he was an ordinary sort of fellow, making his way through life, supporting his family, plying his wares through these valleys, and yet he found time to notice need, and do something about it. He didn’t come into philanthropy from a position of great wealth, but rather from the point of view of the rest of us.

The good thing about the flowing water from Isaac’s Well, in addition to the satisfaction of maintaining a historical connection, must also be that the boggy area up in the Allenfields playing area, the source of the well, should drain out better now (as Robert Philipson, Parish Councillor, remarked), so that the new playing equipment will have that much of a better chance of being appreciated, once it’s installed.

Drainage concerns were a major challenge on Allendale Recreation Ground too, over many years; I think these too have been ameliorated successfully.

At some point in the coming months, I shall try to resolve the provenance of the brilliant work that’s revitalised Isaac’s Well, to edit back into this diary, but for now it’s a pleasure to thank the happy workers, Peter Dodd and his team, for getting the water flowing again!

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