New Year’s Day 2019

8:00am The remains of the fire

The work commences to clear away the smouldering embers of the revelry.

9:30am: The square is completely clear, and the New Year is upon us.

Special thanks to Stephanie Atkinson for these morning photographs to kick off this daily diary. The plan is to ‘sketchify’ every image in this diary, so that the eventual ‘blook of the blog’ will be that much more cost-effective to print, and also to incorporate a touch of anonymity and universality to the images

Tuesday the 1st of January, 2019 has dawned bright, blue and brilliant, and the whole year is ahead of us. There will be so many challenges, so many delights, some sorrow and pain doubtless, but we all hope that the good times will outweigh the bad.

All best wishes to the friendly readers of this daily diary, for the coming days, weeks, month and year ahead.

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  1. And three rather weary blokes cleared the Village Hall after a great evening of music, food, dancing and celebration, topped off by a surprise performance by George and Rachel Unthank of Tar Barrel in Dale.
    Next year, all you lovely Allendale folk, get your tickets and come along. Have a break from cooking meals for the family. or just yourself. We want this to be an event for Allendale folk, as well as welcoming loads of people from everywhere else. Tickets go on sale in April and sell out fast.

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