Rave on again!

Tonight it’s specifically the turn of the under-18s to experience the rave dance scene. The concept, developed I believe between Anna Harrison and David Porter, has followed on from August’s successful DJ-driven disco.

Arriving as the half term finishes out, and the long mid-term break commences, it’s an ideal time to let your hair down if you’re between the ages of 13 and 18, and it’s a great way to pay ahead as well for even more fun at Allendale’s May Fair in 2020.

I’m also pretty sure that Anna’s new dance track I want you to will feature in tonight’s session. With three DJs lining up the tracks to keep everyone jumping, it looks like non-stop music from kick-off at 7:30 until the late hours anyway.

Here’s hoping it will be brilliant, super fun for all, and a satisfying fund-raiser towards the May Fair! Best wishes to all!

And Anna Harrison writes in about the event: ‘The Allendale May Fair committee teamed up with the Local Youth Club to create an event for an age group often looked over: the 13-18 year olds. The young people from youth club helped us to know what type of music they would like, as well as drinks, food, face paint and other flourishes for the night, as well as helping to distribute posters and flyers, and selling tickets! Because of the contributions of this age group we raised important money towards putting on a fair for the local community! There is a shift going on at the moment, where young people are realising their role in their community and doing something about it. This was part of that change!’

Thanks for those words, Anna, and we’ll look forward to more events of special interest to young people!

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