Media attention for the arts in our midst

It will behove the diary to run a feature, sometime soon, on each of the two local artistes who garnered significant regional media attention this past weekend, but for now it’s probably more important to note the fanfare.

Anna Harrison’s dance number, in collaboration with Hexham’s Matty Stokoe, I want you to which was signed over to Big Top Amsterdam, and Statik Records, founded by the renowned DJ Bakermat, was featured in this week’s Weekender Section of the Hexham Courant. The page should be a special entry in the scrapbook of Anna’s exploits, which I hope someone is compiling carefully.

Susie Tate’s work with stroke victims, exploring movement and music out of North Cumbria University Hospital Trust in Carlisle was a feature presentation on this past Friday’s Look North, but before that was showcased in Cumbria’s News & Star. I worked with Susie to help facilitate a dance workshop for variously abled teenagers at Allendale Village Hall, so I know, vicariously at least, something of the effort involved in putting on such a project.

It’s great for local artistes to gain regional recognition for their work, isn’t it! Anna is well known for her participation in Allendale’s annual Pantomime, with the Allen Valley Drama Group, while Susie’s weekly sessions of dance and Pilates at Catton Village Hall have earned her a devoted following. After the hard work of creativity, which someone said is 90% perspiration, and 10% inspiration, it’s lovely that Susie and Anna are publicly recognised for their contributions to the arts.

Because this sort of honest creativity, of endeavour in a pursuit of an art form, is a touchpoint for pride in our community, in the vibrancy of village life. And, as such, must not go unrecognised in the pages of this diary, as we seek to observe all facets of life here in this village during this year.

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