A rave in the hall . . . how times change

Dave Porter has been advertising this event on Facebook’s local Allendale area notices for some months.

It does sound like fun, and a long evening of dancing frantically to music lined up by a small host of DJs . . . a rave by any other name, and a great evening of excitement after the day out at the Agricultural Show. And why not, eh? I’m not too old to remember when I’d have been excited by just such an event.

But several years ago now, oh, maybe five or so, I had to cancel just such a rave in the hall, on the instructions of the trustees, because of fears that the excitement could become too much, that there would be substantial damage to the premises and grounds, and especially because it had been promoted on Facebook, even though it was a paid-ticket only gig. Remember when the first reports started to filter in, in the early years of Facebook, of teenage parties being overwhelmed with chancers who arrived for free drinks and ultimately proceeded to trash the house? That was the worry for the hall, and the hire agreement was revised to proscribe any Facebook promotion for private parties. I knew though that the public gig proposed was legitimate, that the trusted young hirer would control things, that Facebook was only the promotion tool of the future, and that event would be a good source of hire revenue, to say nothing of the bar . . . but the fears then were just too great to sustain.

Nowadays, we’re all so blasé about Facebook promotions, and nobody talks or thinks about the chances of an unruly crowd trashing a private party, let alone a public, ticket-only event. Time moves along, and I hope it will be a great evening of dancing to some really hot material. I don’t know what genres will feature, or scarcely what genres there actually are, these days, though we did enjoy Stormzy’s gig broadcast from Glastonbury, even if we couldn’t quite understand many of the words. I guess that’s grime, right? But then there’s pure techno, and hip-hop, and now I’m out of my depth already.

But younger folks, who have an equal right to enjoy the hall as any of us older ones, will know, of course, will be expecting the very best output from the assembled DJs, and no doubt they’ll be experiencing a brilliant rave into the early hour. And I use that singular advisedly, since the hall’s entertainment license is strict on the 01:00am closing-down time. So the rave can’t go on all night, but must stop with the final DJ, Turbo Thomson’s set. If there are any tickets left, they might be on sale at the Post Office.

Can’t wait to hear how the evening went — unless we hear it up in Sparty!

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