Old Stone Vets at Allendale

After we managed to divest ourselves of our daughter’s two lovely black cats, which went on to a new, permanent brilliant home as she embarked on a year plus surgical fellowship in Sydney, a question arose about vaccinations. We realised that our own fierce cat, Kali the Bengal princess, hasn’t had a booster since we took over her care.

So I dropped into the satellite office and assessment room of the Old Stone Vets from Alston, to have a chat. Angela O’Brien, the kind receptionist on duty that day, was happy to tell me a bit about the service.

Appointments for pet assessments and vaccinations are usually made between 9:00 and 10:30am Monday to Friday, or in the afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00pm. If your pet needs surgery, or more intensive health care, then the central office and surgery at Alston is where they must go. The satellite service started out as an Old Stone Veterinary Bus, touring the district and making a regular stop at Allendale’s Market Square.

Demand was so great in Allendale that, like Stanhope, permanent surgery space was needed, and so the service located an Allendale satellite surgery at Number 7, Allen Mill. You can make an appointment with the receptionist for veterinary attention, then, on 01434 700060 (the surgery is open from 9 till 6).

The surgery will treat wild or stray animals on a pro bono basis, but I dropped a few coins into the collection box, in case I need to take an unknown sick creature in to them as an emergency in the future. For now, we’ll just worry about our own fierce and needy cat, and endeavour to get her vaccinations up to date properly, in case that horrible ginger tom ambles in from the neighbours and infects her with something.

As Angela said, there’s no vaccine yet for feline AIDS, but there is for Feline Leukemia Virus, for feline flu, and for enteritis. Kali will need a primer, and then a booster shot three weeks later, and then she should be covered. Since she’s so fierce, if we can actually get her to the surgery with our arms and hands intact, maybe we’ll ask the vet to dose her with an anti-flea and tick medication as well, while she’s under firm professional control.

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