Surely, surely the cobbles will be sorted by now . . .

The state of play of the cobbles on Friday 11th October.

We’re expecting to be back from our little jaunt to the Highlands & Islands today, ready to resume live diarising again. The past ten entries have all been facilitated by the blog schedule, having been pre-written over a conscientious five week period in the run-up to our touring holiday.

But this one was written as a kind of safety entry, in case we encountered any holdups on our way home! As we headed off for the hills, the cobbles in the square seemed to be on the home stretch, but I’m somehow not betting on the completion of the job by the time we get home. But surely, surely the job must soon be accomplished.

Checking back in the diary, I see that work started in the first week of August. Surely the first week of November, some three months on, should see its completion?

As one waggish comment had it, what can you expect, when the pubs are just on the doorstep of the work? But still. Three months must be long enough to finish the task, even with daily liquid lunches, not that any of the workers could be said to indulge in that manner, of course. But I’d have thought that everybody’s patience on this cobbling effort is near to the limit, by now.

It would certainly be great to see the completed job as we roll back home; here’s hoping it’s done!

The last corner of the cobbling effort is still to complete, as of Monday 21/10/19

Oh dear . . . fond wishes dashed! Twirling through Allendale yesterday just after lunch, I clocked the big dumpy bags spread over the finished work, but a final corner was yet to be sorted. I’m betting that corner can somehow be extended for another fortnight, certainly for this coming week at least. You know, it’s looking like it really will be a full three months from start to finish. Any takers on my bet? Nah, didn’t think so. And so we’re back home with a friendly bump . . . life goes on as it always has, I guess!

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