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What if someone invented a service where the tea has just been finished, the kids are all relaxed, the dishwasher is loaded, the doorbell rings, and a friendly hairdresser walks in and proceeds to take care of the whole family’s hairs, one by one, until everyone is spruced up nicely, thank you very much!

That’s exactly what Trudie McConnachie White does, and she provides a mobile hairdressing service that’s very much in demand. Booked up 6-8 weeks in advance, and taking Christmas orders already back in mid-September, Trudie has established a reputation for calmly dealing with the hairs of all age groups and genders, often all in one family session. She comes to you!

Trudie is a qualified barber, skilled to Level III in barbering (that’s an A level to you and me — Level IV involves management training, but Trudie is her own boss), and she can do the gamut of hair designs, including razor cuts. She’s even managed to make me look presentable this morning! I started the session looking like a wild man of Borneo, moved towards a sort of Swedish ambience, channeled my inner Irishness through my teeth, and eventually became a sophisticated combination of Billy Connolly and Kenny Rogers. ‘You’ve got to . . . know when to hold ’em . . . know when to fold ’em.’ The rest of the family chanted out the chorus as I gazed at the new me, bemused.

In truth, a session with Trudie is so much more than a hair dressing, it’s more of a holistic therapy session with entertainment. First of all, Trudie is a fount of all knowledge — that’s not gossip, just knowing everything that’s worth knowing about in these valleys. I now know how to make eco-bricks out of plastic stuffed plastic bottles, for example, and how best to travel to Spain, or where to get the best Eurocamp holiday. And humour! Should I have needed a Reiki session for my aching sides, Trudie would have obliged!

Trudie also specialises in special occasion cuts, colours and stylings, when the women need to put their hair up and the men need to be stylish for the once. I didn’t ask about colour for myself as I figure I’ve long gone over to the other side. As the conversation swirled around, the scissors snipped and the electric beard trimmer whirred, I realised that Trudie had cleverly organised the session to fit in a maximum amount of attention for each of her clients’ needs; (while coloration was proceeding on the first, careful coiffure took place on the next, until the colour had taken and she could finish the lot off.

Trudie says that she’s probably nearing the point where she has just about all the clients she can handle, but she’ll still be available for the occasional charity cut, as when someone is auctioning off their long locks. And with enough notice, she might be able to fit new customers in. If she can, you’ll be blessed, but better arrange your next session before she’s fully booked (she’s in the Pocket Directory, of course, but in case you need to make a note, it’s 07758 256327). You don’t want to miss her attention just when you need to look your best for that special occasion, or even just to become presentable again!

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  1. The above is all true. Trudie is a star in the hairdressing world. She works hard and deserves every success.

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