Up at the High Forest . . . it’s show day!

Yes, after gathering up all our possible vegetables that could just conceivably make a showing in the local agricultural show, worrying about the scab on the potatoes, wondering how woody the radishes are, and will the beetroots withstand the obligatory judges’ cut to show off their interior . . . after the gathering together, it’s time to trundle what we’ve got up to the show tent!

There’s the vegetable display, which is fun, after all: how on earth do any gardeners get anything to grow successfully up these heights?! And since we can, we try to get our entries together. But lately, the show is so much more than the entries, even though the silverware table is laden with ancient trophies. The stalls, as Norma has already described, help to make the afternoon a delight for visitors, the barbecue will be proffering super food throughout the afternoon, the forge will be fired with the blacksmith bashing away, and the ‘Foodie Tent’ is zooming up in the popularity stakes, with two offerings this year.

At 1.15 pm Jill Weatherburn, home economist & food stylist, who has supported famous TV chefs, such as James Martin, Mary Berry and The Hairy Bikers, will be presenting a special show. Jill has delivered a range of activities to customers throughout the UK including: performing live cookery demonstrations; creating and writing recipes. Her work as a food stylist includes styling for recipe leaflets, cookbooks, supermarket packaging, brochures and editorial images. Sounds like we could use her advice for when we create a special cookbook for Motorhome owners!

And then, a little later in the afternoon, at 2:30pm, Titu Ahad, chef and owner of Saathi’s in Hexham, will be back again this year, doing a cookery demonstration, cooking up something special in his portable Tandoori oven, while mixing it up with a raconteur’s talent for stories, which include numerous awards and mixing with royalty.

There’s plenty of time to be browsing through the display tables throughout the afternoon, but by 4:30pm, it’ll be time for the awards presentation, followed by the auction of produce remaining. But wait, there’s another huge component of the High Forest Show that enthralls, and that’s the open dog show! Spread the family between those who really really need to watch the cookery demonstration, and those who want to see their dog’s quality assessed at 2:30.

It’s always such a lovely, friendly show, up at the High Forest, and the committee have worked so very hard to make it a delight. The theme this year is ‘Heroes,’ and everyone is invited to turn up as their favourite, but in my book the real heroes are the stalwart organisers, whether incognito or just as they are.

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