“Where’s the nearest petrol station?”

Almost, but not quite, the Shell petrol station in Hexham . . .

It’s probably the most common question asked at the Post Office/MarketPlace. So let’s be absolutely definitive, using Googlemaps as a guide, to mapping the distance from Allendale’s Market Square to the nearest petrol stations around the place:

MarketPlace/Post Office NE47 9AZ . . . . to . . . . Spar Alston CA9 3HY (also LPG): 13.8 miles (fastest route: Whitfield Road past Five Lane Ends and left to Alston at Elks Head; incidentally, Alston has 2 petrol stations, and this route takes you right past the Texaco petrol/diesel station, just 0.3miles before the Spar station)

MarketPlace/Post Office NE47 9AZ . . . to . . . . Hexham Shell Station NE46 3QQ: 11.2 miles (fastest route: Allendale Road through Lowgate, turn left at The Fox and then right just before Co-op store)

MarketPlace/Post Office NE47 9AZ . . . to . .. Hexham BP Service Station NE46 4NU (open 24 hours; also LPG): 13.8 miles (fastest route: Allendale Road through Lowgate, turn right at The Fox, head toward A69, then around the big roundabout and back to the station)

MarketPlace/Post Office NE47 9AZ . . . to . . . Henshaw Garage Petrol Station, Bardon Mill, NE47 7EL: 12.4 miles (fastest route: turn left to Langley past Catton, through Langley bends to Haydon Bridge, towards Carlisle on A69)

Or what about an Electric Vehicle Charging Point?

Chargemaster, Allen Mill, Allendale, NE47 9EA

So there we have it: the nearest petrol station from Allendale’s Market Square, by a country mile, is the Shell Station in Hexham at 11.2 miles.

I’ve always promised myself, if I ever win a substantial Lottery prize (and it would have to be substantial!), that I would invest in a petrol station in Allendale. The last petrol station we had was at Five Lane Ends, which Howard and Margaret Coulson closed oh, must have been fifteen years ago now. I know a local petrol station is just not viable, that’s why a Lottery winning would have to finance it. Still, until such time as a hugely philanthropic financing package twirls around, we’re stuck without a convenient petrol station. It’s a simple fact of life here.

So if you don’t want to spend 22miles of petrol just to fill up in Hexham, you’d better double or triple up on your errand quota, to make the trip worthwhile. Only don’t forget and leave it too late; it’s so embarrassing to be hitching a ride into Hexham with your petrol container dangling forlornly from your fingers, as your vehicle sits abandoned on the Allendale Road somewhere completely inconvenient!

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