Allen Valley Churches Together . . .

Ann Potter writes to chat about a walk organised by AVCT recently:

” Allen Valley Churches Together organised a local walk from Allendale to Sinderhope last month. The total route was 7.5 miles and, to ensure accessibility for walkers able only to do short stints, and folks who find hills difficult and stiles impossible, an uphill  lift was organised.

The route followed the top road above Allendale and down to Sinderhope to High Forest Centre where tea and cake was served and fellowship enjoyed by the walkers and those kind souls who were happy to join us, agreeing to serve the refreshments. 

After a welcome cuppa and cake(s) the remaining 11 folks continued the route back to Allendale via Pry Hill and Park Farm following Isaac’s tea trail. In total 16 people walked some of the route with 11 completing the whole walk. There were 21 enjoying tea and cake and 5 Christian denominations were represented.” 

Thanks for this contribution, Ann, and I’m hoping to edit in some more about AVCT, which deserves some further text in the diary, I’m sure. For example, I would imagine the walking and support group consisted of members of the Church of England, the Methodists, the Society of Friends, the Roman Catholic church, and the Community Church. Could that be a reasonable guess? The closest Catholic church, of course, is St. Mary’s in Hexham, which I know a number of people from Allendale attend. Allendale’s Community Church, an outreach from Hexham’s church I believe, convenes in Allendale Village Hall once a month.

Also, I’m pretty sure that AVCT organises the Sunday service that’s traditionally part of Allendale’s May Fair, this year held indoors because of the inclement weather. And Messy Church is also an ecumenical outreach of the Churches Together group.

It makes sense to celebrate the components of the Christian religion that bring different denominations together, rather than concentrating solely on practises and worship experiences that are unique to each, doesn’t it?

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