A surgical hiatus . . .

Right Mr. Leggitt, I’ll chop out the dead wood on his jaw, while you carve out a nice piece of leg bone to replace it with. Ready? Chop Chop!

With apologies, this really isn’t a post, as such, but just a pretend-post to hold the date for the diary, so that another interesting snippet of thoughtful commentary and analysis might be edited in later.

Larry is having surgery on his jaw today to deal with the Osteo-Radio-Necrosis, one of the consequences of cancer therapy, unfortunately — I told him that he’s had Orf, now he’s got ORN! But it is quite an extensive surgical procedure; he’s expected to be on the table for about 10 hours, and then to Intensive Therapy for a day or so of acute recovery, before they release him to the general ward for a fortnight. So there may be a few more of these posts, perhaps with updates on his condition, as well as a small stock of entries that have built up from kindly correspondents, until he gets back home to write more fulsomely.

Meanwhile, I shall try to collate any additional contributions to make these holding posts more interesting, if I can manage to figure out the blog protocols, so all feedback will be very welcome, (so if you have anything to say, just email Larry.Winger@btinternet.com and I’ll pick up his post for him, or better yet, email both of us by adding in my email Carrie.Winger@btinternet.com). I can’t promise to reply, since it’s rather hectic between home and hospital just now, but all contributions will be very welcome indeed.

Thanks for your understanding. . . . Carrie, signing off for today

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