Two fundraisers and a wedding fair . . .

I’ve always said that the Allendale Diary is not a noticeboard, but sometimes a set of local events seems to conspire to create an opportunity for comment, and this weekend is just such a set. We could call it, ‘A very big weekend ahead’ if we were minded to!

So on Friday the Allendale Cricket Club is holding its annual fund-raising auction, this year at The King’s Head, with what looks like an amazing set of entries. It’s no wonder the yearly total of funds raised tends to stagger the imagination, when all is said and done!

On Saturday evening, up at Sinderhope Community Centre, the Allenheads Heritage Trust presents the Celia Bryce Band to entertain in aid of the Allenheads Defibrillator Fund (they’re appearing everywhere — the defibrillators that is!). Sounds like a riotous evening up in Sinderhope, for sure.

And then, as if such excessive entertainment wasn’t enough, there’s the Wedding Fair announced at The Garden Station, Langley, which should be a delightful Sunday afternoon where this venue shows off its premises and wedding packages. There’s really only a few wedding reception venues (apart from bespoke garden marquees, I guess) in these valleys: Garden Station, Langley Castle, Allendale Village Hall, Burnlaw, Deneholme. Each venue, of course, has its own special features.

So, a big weekend ahead, with lots of intriguing entertainment for lots of different people, or, for some, another opportunity for some more diligent gardening perhaps, or diligent beer garden efforts? Any old way, it’s looking fair to be a good break; and that’s the way it is in the Allen Valleys, this weekend.

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