Into the ITU . . .

As long as the coffee machine is working, eh?

This is the second holding page of the editor’s surgical hiatus — sounds like a medical condition! — will be bringing you more news about entities around and about the village soon! — but just to bring some further news about Larry’s condition. [Since this is actually written in anticipation, we’ll hope this entry can be used conveniently for Thursday morning’s piece, won’t we! — so if you’re reading this, all must be well.]

Anyway, the plan has been to monitor the boy for a day or so in the ITU while he floats along in narcotic-induced oblivion (hope they strap him down because he does go crazy on morphine!). This monitoring is to ensure that the bone graft and its vascularisation especially are taking nicely. And he really can’t talk, since the tracheostomy (a temporary ‘otomy’) is in place in case they have to whisk him back to theatre to do an emergency repair of the vasculature before the bone graft dies.

So we’ll be waiting through the day, and wanted to thank the diary’s readers for their kindness, patience and forbearance during this challenging time. Within any reasonable expectations, Larry will be released to the general recovery ward tomorrow, and the diary will resume its normal reporting of other groups and entities throughout the Allen Valleys.

Email either and both of us if you like: and/or but please don’t expect an immediate, or necessarily even a tardy response, thanks 🙂

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