By 12th Night, tree away…

The Allendale Lions Christmas tree on the village green

Pete Aldcroft writes for the Allendale Lions Club:

“After sparkling for over four weeks at the heart of the village, the Allendale Lions’ 25 [foot tall] Christmas tree was skilfully removed today by Nigel Baynes, Margaret Stonehouse, Stephanie Atkinson, Doug Ness and Peter Aldcroft. Armed with trailers, a chain saw, hand saws, cutting tools and an array of ladders, the team completed the task in under two hours before adjourning to the Golden Lion for a well deserved break. Let’s hope they’re all in good shape to repeat the process in 2019!” 

It turns out that 12th Night is a bit of a movable feast: if you count Christmas Day itself as one of the nights, then 12th Night would naturally fall on the 5th of January. Just in time this year for Sunday the 6th, which is the Feast of the Epiphany. Or if you think of 12 nights after Christmas, then you’d go for the 6th itself, by which time all Christmas decorations traditionally should be down. But however you mark the time, it’s nice that the Lions had a cheerful Saturday morning of work all well in hand before any kibbitzing about overdue decorations. Thanks Pete for the action photos! The lit tree was such a lovely welcome to the square throughout the festive season!

Good-bye Christmas 2018! Welcome to recycling 2019!

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