Whitfield Village Pantry

I dropped into Whitfield Village Pantry the other day to deliver the new (October) update to the Allendale and Allen Valleys Pocket Directory. While I was there, Janet Marriott graciously (it was lunchtime!) answered a few of my questions, so as to be able to compose a little entry on this valuable enterprise for the diary.

Janet has been the proprietor of the Pantry for five and a half years now. She says the first two years were rather slow, but since then business has picked up, and the place is humming. It looked to be nicely filling up as the lunch hour proceeded.

The café side of the business is supplemented with the little shop, selling those crucial corner shop items that locals are always needing, as well as newspapers and stamps. Although the cash machine is no longer there, the service is always prompt, and Janet has built up a loyal following.

We chatted about the annual summertime visits of the Morgan automobile fanciers, and I mentioned I’d perused the images on the pantry’s facebook page of the Tractor Carnival rally from Whitfield to Haltwhistle. Janet beamed. I imagine these events are such a delight, both for the business, but also for the sociability and camaraderie they engender.

So the Whitfield Village Pantry is a lovely treasure, nestled in the West Allen river valley, just at the corner on the way up to Plenmeller, and with her eye firmly on the sustainability of the business, Janet looks set to go from strength to strength.

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