The hands fall off . . .

I know there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. The minute hand especially keeps falling off our big kitchen clock. I take it all apart, screw the little round nut back on, on top of the minute hand, and set it away again. And a week later, it falls off.

We got the big clock when we sold off the bakery café, and our lovely staff said goodbye with a wonderful present. It had a country cottage, French village sort of feel to it, unlike the big institutional presence the café kitchen clock had. Our café clock was so big that workers on the site used to peer into the window to catch the time, as they marched back and forth on their labours. So we brought a little bit of that time of our lives back home with us. Obviously, it’s of significant sentimental value.

After about a year, the hands fell off, so I replaced them with a different set. That worked for another year or so, and then they started to fall off too. Now after at least three replacement exercises, I’m giving up and getting a whole new clock quartz mechanism, with an additional second hand (well, actually a third hand, but we don’t call it that, do we?) to parse out the minutes.

Well. A few months ago, we were investigating the idea of a Repair Shed in the community — yesterday Higher Ground posted a notice, on Allendale area notices, of a preliminary, informal meeting to be held next Monday the 18th November, at 7pm at the King’s Head, to see what sort of interest local ‘fixers’ might have in participating in just such a Repair Shed concept. Hurrah! Good luck to organisers and attendees, and I hope the concept will grow from tentative explorations to a thriving activity.

In the meantime, though, I’ve received word that our new clock mechanism has been delivered, so we can check it out when we get back home from sunny Dorset. And then, when it’s all working again, the friendly student bakers in Carrie’s Saturday breadmaking courses will have convenient opportunity to clock the time whenever they look up from their kneading work.

Now if I could just find the metaphor that’s apropos, my life would be that much more fulfilled!

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