After the auction frenzy, the long dispersion

By whatever transport means are available, the auction treasures, and the dross, must be disposed of.

It was such a long day at the auction yesterday . . . we left at about 6:00pm (with a few more bids for various desiderata left in capable hands), but there were still a couple hundred lots left to go. It was fun though, but exhaustipating for the movers and shifters!

And then there were the sorters and the lotters and the caterers (Allendale Sports Club) . . . and the backroom payment takers and the recorders on stage and the front of house ticket and programme sellers . . . the programme printers of course, and the sound system finessers, the point person who organised collections and coordinated the day . . . and finally there was the auctioneer, sending zinging one-liners of dodgy ribaldry to all and sundry, and cajoling bids from willing participants. It was a huge effort from everyone!

Today the things that remain to be collected will be taken away by their new owners, and those that didn’t elicit any interest will be offered to Core Furniture in Hexham. There’s also an enterprise in Hexham that will take the used bicycles that didn’t raise a bid, and recycle them into useful functioning machines once more. Gradually, but steadily throughout today, the hall will be cleared once more. The stuff, eventually, that remains will be carted back to convenient storage against Bonfire Night, when all combustible material will enlighten that evening.

It was looking like the typical £3500 return on the day, with some surprising lots going for nowt and others raising far more than anyone would have thought. Some incredible bargains along with some intriguing bidding wars. And the word in the back room, as people queued to pay, was hearty: “We’ve had such a good day!”

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  1. The latest word, as of Sunday evening, is that the auction took in some £4.5k, which, after expenses, should mean upwards of £4000 into the charitable fund for distribution to good local causes. I thought there was more stuff about this year, and the pledges were brilliant too!

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