Bank Holiday Monday

We drove back from Yorkshire yesterday after a week of interesting workshops to stimulate our brains, and on the way home we marvelled at the delight of folks enjoying the sunshine in all the towns and villages on our journey.

And will it be sunshine today as well? I know everybody rolls their eyes and says, Bank Holiday, what do you expect, as the rain drizzles down. But it’s supposed to be lovely, much less hot with more cloud cover, maybe a few more breezes.

Meanwhile, our French beans survived the week without human attention in the hot polytunnel, thanks to our water timer and soaker hoses doing the business and keeping everything alive. Isn’t it funny, arriving home after a week away, and everything seems much the same as you’d left it? Except that you’re in a kind of time warp, because when you look a bit closer, there are vegetables that have been quietly growing and they’re ready to eat now, clamouring almost to be picked.

Salmon fillets are thawing from the freezer, and the Nicola potatoes are a simple matter to haul out of the ground. The salad bed, with over-ready radishes, rampant endive, and red chicory leaves, along with the peppery taste of some rocket from the herb bed, will make a delightful fresh salad. A little welcome-home feast for us then!

There will be chores later today. The lawn is a bit higher, so I might need to mow again, keep it trim. Not really an onerous chore at all!

And it is the August Bank Holiday, after all. Everything is chilled, cool, stable and welcoming us back. Time to relax into the day.

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