Buddy rides too!

Jazz rides too, on the BuddyRider courtesy Care4DogsOnTheGo

I could have picked any of numerous photos from the BuddyRider website, as kind of a holding image for when I capture a photo of dear Doris, the cocker spaniel who lives next door, safely perched on her own Buddy Rider and ready to roll on out with her master’s electric bicycle. But this one is really such a lovely action shot I couldn’t resist it, so apologies and thanks for the while to the gallery at Care4DogsOnTheGo.

Our dear neighbours were having such a trial last week getting their package in. Usually the delivery folks, who know us very well now, get our packages to us in great shape, on time, with a smile. But when the regular delivery person goes on holiday, then the problems start! ‘Can’t find the place’ was the most common refrain in this instance. So we were delighted to meet up with the frazzled replacement driver down in Sparty Lea, scratching his head and asking directions, and taking advantage of the meeting to begin interrogating him about the expected parcel, we helped him achieve the delivery there and then. But, as with all parcels, we like to guess about what could be inside.

What’s a BuddyRider then, we wondered, as the box was brightly emblazoned with titles and logos, and then it clicked: adorable Doris can’t keep up with her owners’ electric motor-enhanced bicycles, and so she’s had to stay home on the increasingly long jaunts Chris and George make in the sunshine. No longer. The Buddy Rider invention is perfect for bringing your dog along on the ride!

Strategically perched up front to view all the action, and harnessed in so she can’t jump out and damage herself, she loves it! And even more sunshine, and perhaps a late afternoon spin out on the country roads, could well be on deck for today. Yesterday afternoon began the big drying out, so today might well feel like summer again.

I can’t imagine carrying a cat along on the cycle ride, but the friendly family dog, well that’s another story. And a most enjoyable one to relate, at that. Now, about the pose, Doris, let’s see what we can develop, shall we?

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