Summer Sunday sighs

Rain over the fellsides and onto the New Line

Supposed to be a rainy day today, as it was yesterday, though with interludes of brilliant sunshine, perhaps? But disruptive weather is predicted to occur all over England, with numerous events being cancelled.

Anyway, it feels like an ideal day to be planning for some indoor activity. I’ve got a few books to be getting on with reading, for example, some serious planning for the next few weeks ahead, and even a couple of fun DIY chores. So it will probably be a lazy Sunday, sitting inside and watching the rain come down. Scrabble anyone? How about the Train Game? Better the parlour pursuit than being trapped on the flooded Carlisle-Lockerbie line.

We crossed over the Tyne at Chollerford yesterday evening — the river was so swollen, overflowing its banks, and there must be significant risk of flooding today. It’s not a quiet day for everyone in the region, and our hearts go out to anyone battling high water.

But high on the fellside, it’s just indoor activities, and meandering thoughts. I have to confess to enjoying the current crop of cat food commercials, which presume an interior monologue going on within an inquisitive cat’s mind, a kind of human accommodation with a cat’s limited sentience, while keeping the ‘adorable’ quality cat-owners so enjoy. Even though the sentimentality is like, too weird, I empathise with the one where the kitten wonders why the window is crying, as the rain outside beats down. Well, it’s better than merry-making meerkats, surely!

Our shower had been very slow, with little pressure — so pitiful in fact that our visiting son managed a joke about being cried on, as he emerged for breakfast. Right, thinks I, I shall fix this shower pressure once and for all; a handy shower booster pump later, and it’s worked for a reasonable while, before somehow clogging up again with the remaining sludge in the water system. Happily for us, the sludge seems to have worked itself out now, and a good shower can be had with reasonable pressure. Or, on the other hand, we could go out and stand in the crying rain, of course.

Brrr though, maybe a little too chilly. Gordon the rain-drenched guinea fowl tap-tap-taps on the conservatory door for his life-sustaining meal-worm breakfast, and we accommodate quickly, feeling so sorry for such a pitiful sight. When the sun comes out he’ll have plenty of time to preen his feathers again.

Please weather-gods, let it be sunny and cheerful for the Allendale Agricultural Show this coming Saturday. And if it could brighten up to let me have another go at strimming the edges this week, and yanking out the fast-growing nettles again, so much the better.

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