Ok, let’s have some sunshine

I was taken by a vox pop comment the other day about Chernobyl, the new holiday destination; one gentleman opined that he preferred natural sunshine to the radio-active kind! But it’s almost getting to the point that we’d settle for any sort of radiant light, heat, warmth — just give over with the rain, the dreek, the cold, please!

Usually I like to offer up a kind of homily or thoughtful piece on a Sunday, but my mind is pretty much a blank just now, and as they say, if you can’t think of anything to say, there’s always the weather! From a lambing spring that was remarkable for its clement and balmy breezes, to a June that’s turning into a never-ending (and cold!) rainy season, it’s just a drudgery to do your errands around the houses, isn’t it?

Better to stay indoors, enjoy the fire, snuggle up warm next to the cooker and prepare some super comfort food (scrambled eggs are my own go-to menu to banish the chill of the outside). Put some cheerful music on, or maybe snuggle under the duvet on the sofa and indulge in a prolonged afternoon of box-set heaven. Or watch FIFA’s Women’s World Cup action for some startling displays of individual brilliance and team play. We’ll all be corpulent gargantuans by the time the sun comes out! But the weather outside does mean I feel less guilty about a sort of somnolent recuperation indoors, at least.

There are good books to read (I’m just moving through the Neapolitan Chronicles at the moment) and thoughts to have (retrospective musings are okay, plans for the future when the sun shines are even better!). And hey, it’s Sunday, the proverbial ‘day of rest’ after all. So let’s rest. I see that Inspector Montalbano is on the telly again, so that’s a late evening anticipation of slow burn, Sicilian atmosphere, improbable murders resolved with characteristic panache, all flooded with Mediterranean sunshine, great food, chilled white wine.

The sunshine will return here, inevitably, and then we can go outside and play once more. . . . oh, today has dawned bright with blue skies and only a few puffy white clouds on the horizon — maybe it’s an answer to a heartfelt prayer!

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  1. I love Montalbano, imagining the smell of the wild thyme and aromatic herbs, the smell of hot ancient stone and cool interiors, the sound of swifts whirling round. I have never been to Sicily but I somehow think the TV version may live up to my expectations better.

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