Knit & Crochet, or Natter if you like

Allen Valleys Knit & Crochet Group

Meetings: Every Friday 10:00am to 12:30pm at Catton Village Hall

Christine Downie, Secretary, writes to chat about this friendly group:

‘It’s hard to define what makes a good social group, but I hope the Allen Valleys K&C Group ticks most of the boxes required.  First and foremost, we are very friendly and welcoming to woolly crafters of all ages and abilities.  We have members from all over Tynedale, not just the Allen Valleys, with a wide range of skills.  The group has grown into quite a large gathering and we average around 18 to 20 members at each meeting.  We charge £2.50 per session to cover the hire of the hall and unlimited teas/coffees and biscuits and occasionally cake!

Did I mention we are really friendly?

The group has been going for almost seven years now and we have hosted a number of exhibitions and selling events as well as fundraising for local charities.  Our nominated charities of 2019 are Higher Ground and Pennines Wildlife Rescue.  We prefer to choose local charities as part of our aim is to benefit smaller community groups that sometimes struggle to get funding.  We also fill a monthly box to donate to the West Northumberland Foodbank.  

Did I mention that we are super friendly?

I do try to keep the ladies organised (men are not excluded by the way…just haven’t joined yet).  I often laugh and say it’s like herding cats, but we always seem to muddle through and have much fun, laughter and crafting.  Although sometimes, not much crafting gets done as the chatting and catching up seems to be equally as important.  Probably best not to bring anything too complicated as following a pattern seems almost impossible at times!

There will always be someone to help if help is needed.  Whether it’s correcting a mistake or a useful pair of hands to wind wool, there are plenty of volunteers.  But importantly, many of our members find the group is so helpful and supportive in difficult times.  The process of creativity of any kind is calming and validating when life sometimes doesn’t go smoothly.  But add in the good humour and experience of a group of feisty, bright women and you have found a deep pool of wisdom to tap into.  (Not to mention occasional hilarious innuendo and very bad jokes).

Did I mention that we are amazingly friendly?

Want to know more?  Just come along on a Friday morning and pull up a chair.  We will have the kettle on.”

It does sound like fun, Christine, and I must say, although I am a man, I have myself knitted and purled a few simple blankets in my time, some 36 years ago when our daughter was growing into a baby, but I lost heart during our son’s gestation, somehow. Would love to be a fly on the wall during some of your sessions though 🙂

Almost all of the Catton Knit & Crochet Group gathered on the steps of Catton Village Hall for their Christmas party, and kindly offered this photo to the diary, just for the record.

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  1. Although a city dweller, or perhaps because I am a city dweller (Newcastle) I am so enjoying my daily fix of Allendale diarying.

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