Station Garage keeps us moving

The unprepossessing exterior of Station Garage, in the premises of the old Hadrian Crystal factory, with its forecourt ready to receive more vehicles for repair

If it weren’t for the perspicacity and patience of Howard Pringle and Thomas Robinson at Station Garage, early last autumn, we’d never have got away on our extended holiday in our ancient motorhome.

First there was the matter of the failed MOT, and not just an easily remedied fail, a catastrophic failure on multiple counts. The whole front crossbar supporting the radiator was rusted out, and the headlight adjuster was just knacked, dysfunctional, needing replacement. And that was before regular mechanical attention, like the clutch which was on its last legs. But the crucial parts to resolve the MOT matter were in Germany.

After quite a bit of frantic eBay purchasing, desperate waits for delivery of the components, and expeditious drop-offs at the garage, everything came together in the workshop one gray Monday morning, just in time to pack up and head off to the ferry in Portsmouth. We were so grateful for the care and attention Howard and Thomas gave to our old Harry Hymermobile

And grateful too, to return safely home after about two months on the road, all still mechanically sound and secure! We’ve been rescued quite a few times by Station Garage over the years now, whether it’s fixing up the garden tractor, or repairing a bakery mixer for us at Allendale Bakery, or even the more normal garage jobs like taking care of a succession of used cars and vans! Sometimes I suspect we would try the patience of Job, with our mechanical troubles, but Howard has always been endlessly considerate and painstaking in solving the problems. I’m sure, thinking of it, that he enjoys the challenge of making things work, because we’ve brought our fair share of confusions to his careful attention!

And these sorts of testimonials are echoed all throughout these valleys, as folks have filled up the bookings schedule and vehicles in various states of repair are trundled in, and driven out, of the forecourt. Without our motor vehicle engineers taking care of us, transport in these valleys would come to a grinding halt.

And so we’re due in again for an MOT tomorrow, this time on the little Hyundai i20, which seems pretty sound, but you never know what the salt on the roads might have done to the chassis, or the brakes, so we’ll wait and see. Whatever transpires, we’ll know we’re in good hands at Station Garage, and our vehicle will be running better after its visit.

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