Soli-dalek-y . . .

Those of us old enough to remember the Warsaw strike, led by Lech Walesa, in the early 1980s, which eventually created, with the Gdansk accord, an atmosphere leading on to the downfall of the Soviet Union, will probably also recall the Solidarnosc (Solidarity) poster. Unfortunately, we don’t (yet) have an Aliendale flag to create a ‘Solidaleky’ solidarity poster, as such, so we’ll have to be content with just the pun.

So . . . Soli-dalek-y is rampant: some sightings of curious Daleks have been made throughout Allendale over the past few days, in response to Katie Maughan’s clever Let’s Get MAD (Make a Dalek) suggestion. One was even snapped having a pint in its local! It’s a classic Allendale response — makes you laugh, doesn’t it! Even if you’re on the Planning Department side of the argument, you have to smile at this sort of community spirit erupting out.

But it’s not just the Daleks themselves as cute as they are: it’s all the likes and comments on facebook’s Allendale area notices; it’s the overheated twitter feeds; it’s the online petition and it’s the posters in local shops and house fronts. It’s the angry formal letters written to the parish, county council, councillors and planning officials. Publicity drivers range from the local (Hexham Courant) with its own editorial and letters support, regional and national (BBC) news segments on telly and radio, to apparently international (Australia) reports – it’ll be intergalactic gossip soon, reaching the Large Magellanic Cloud, the neighbouring galaxy only about 150,000 light years away from our own Milky Way. It’s the chortles and chuckles everywhere you go, despite the quiet mutterings of discontent (‘ridiculous’) I’ve also heard from the other side of the battle. Whatever it is, the furore has the village exercised, and to be quite honest, it’s actually a relief from the endless onslaught of the Brexit fiasco in the news.

I’ve been to one or two heated community meetings over the past decades, and you know, as old as I am now, I think I’ll leave the heat to the younger ones, while wishing the Museum of Classic SciFi all the best — I hope that the Parish Council meeting this coming week will not be too rambunctious, but I think I’ll report on a monthly meeting at some point down the year when it’s slow and boring again. Unless someone gracious enough to send in a report would fill us all in, perhaps? Contributions to this diary are always welcome!


  1. Today marks the beginning of the second month of this diary, and the weekend ahead looks like another set of intriguing entries. It’s so great to be featuring thoughts and comments from folks throughout the community, usually representing organisations they’re part of. Today is also the first day of any form of duplication, as the Dalek furore has evolved, so well worth a re-visit. But in general, I suspect that the next 333 days of coverage will not be too hard to sustain, especially with the writing and reading support we’ve seen already. I’m going to create a prototype ‘blook,’ a book of the blog, for the past month, just to see how it’s all going to look (x12 of course) by the end of the year. I can’t wait — this little diary has been such a lot of fun so far! Thanks for all the kind words as well.

  2. This diary is such a great idea . . .

    I personally know that these daily ponderings are being read by two people who were born and grew up in these valleys and now live in London and Brunei.

    Be interesting to know where other people who enjoy this are living?

  3. I lived in Allendale for over 25 years, just around the corner from the daleks as it happens, wish they had been there when I was!

    I love this diary, Im in Australia and its now part of my daily routine to read and learn things about the place I once lived, or help me revisit my memories.

    It will be hard work creating it but please keep up the good work Larry!

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