Christmas Mini-Market

I don’t know for sure how long the Mini-Market has been going at Allendale Village Hall, but I’m pretty sure it was initiated in Nora Handcock’s time. That might make it nearing 20 years of Mini-Markets.

Brendon Jackson re-posted, or shared this notice from David Nattrass in Allendale area notices, and I imagine that this means the Sports Club are doing the refreshments for the day, much as they do the refreshments during the Charity Auction. But the village hall itself has developed its own catering arm, having supplied the Folk Festival weekend with delicious food promptly served, by all accounts. And also I imagine that David’s posting must mean that he’s got 2020’s annual calendar with local images hot off the press ready for sale as well, if previous years are anything to go by.

We’ve mentioned Allendale Spirit in a piece recently, oh yes, my feeble attempts with our first harvest of sloe berries, to create a sample of sloe gin. And Moonstone Cosmetics were part of the very first entries in the diary, way back in January! We know of a certain brilliant bookbinder, too! I’m not sure what the other stalls will be like, except that they’re certain to have involved some serious attention to detail by their proprietors.

The Mini-Market is a great little showcase of lots of crafty talent in the village, and well worth a drop-in!

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