Greetings from Achiltibuie

Postcard from the far far north in the Highlands of Scotland. So many local folks we’ve chatted with, before we headed north into the misty glens, had visited Achiltibuie, that we just had to make this faraway outpost our primary destination.

Of course, at a leisurely drive time of some 3 hours a day, it took us 3 days to get here, and it’ll take 3 days to get back. So that left us 3 or 4 days (actually 4 nights) to remain static, looking out over the sea to the west.

But postcards are becoming a thing of the past.  The little campsite shop here does not sell them, though they do sell books of stamps.  Having learned a salutary lesson on a previous journey, we  now carry along a portable printer and some paper, against crucial office work, and so I printed a few photographs of the seashore, added some ‘postcard-typical’ text and gaffer-taped a made-up envelope together to send along to friends who are offline.  

Anyway, today we head back for home, but in typical last-minute preparations, sending the postcards off as it were, in online fashion,  is our morning pre-occupation, just before we leave.    Back home, the daily diary has been updated with relentless persistence by the blog software, publishing entries promptly as pre-scheduled in the run-up to our little break in the Scottish Highlands.  

Already however, we feel refreshed and ready to jump back into the quiet fray of the Allen Valley countryside lifestyle once more!  We identified the twittering bird that’s greeted us every morning in Achiltibuie:  an anxious, territory-staking robin!  Made us feel just that bit homesick for ‘our’ birds.

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