The PTFA at Allendale Primary School

Today’s the Beetle Drive at the Primary School, from 6:30-8:30pm and everyone is very welcome! I asked Charlotte Robson Reid for some more information about the PTFA, and she sent in a lovely set of notes:

A brief outline of the PTFA

The role of the PTFA [that is, the Parent-Teacher-Friends of Allendale Primary] is to support the school. This includes raising funds and rolling up our sleeves. We meet as and when, usually on a Monday at the King’s Head. We have a core group at our meetings which includes Mrs Hawkins, Allendale Primary Headteacher. We keep in touch via messenger, WhatsApp, and email. I tend to be the liaison between the PTFA and the school on a day-to-day basis.

What we fund: lots of transport for trips and events! We give each class an annual budget, sponsor theatre companies, provide ‘expertise’ during health and well-being week, and contribute to the reading scheme, to name a few. This means that parent don’t have to pay towards individual trips, for example.

Our Fund-Raising Events: Annually we hold a Halloween party, a wreath making event, Christmas Fair, Elf Shop, Marble Nights, Daffodil Tea. Occasionally we hold something different, like today’s Beetle Drive.  This evening from 6:30pm we’ll have homemade soups and other refreshments available — the event is open to everyone, and it will be a fun evening!

Supporting Creative Play and Learning: We have had the joy of supporting school to transform playtime. Using the ethos and guidance of the Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) scheme, we are assisting in the transformation of the school grounds. We have helped find funding for a welly store to be built, so each child has a pair of wellies at school for them to wear at playtime, enabling them to access the whole site, even when the ground is wet. There will be extra bike and scooter racks installed — children can ride these at school as well as use them to commute to and from school in the hope of reducing traffic around the school entrance on Leadgate.

Other examples of our support of the school: We built a Geodome with help from HBHS pupils. The PTFA paid for two teachers to attend a geodome building course and purchased the materials to build one in the grounds. We are re-using tyres, for rolling and as swings. We do need more, so if anyone has has any that could be used — they need to be in good condition — a few tractor tyres would be cool.  There is a digging area too.

Future Plans for the PTFA: The next stage in the PTFA’s project plan is to create an area for a mud kitchen and to develop a music corner. Mostly it will be time that is needed, with a small input of cash……the project is ever evolving, with the children making suggestions on what they would like….there is a list, and it is long! 

So how can the community can help support our school? Items for recycling are incredibly useful; for example, anything that could be used in a mud kitchen (pots, pans, sinks, wooden spoons etc) or for ‘loose parts’ – (so pipes, wooden planks, crates, pallets, ladders, branches …….) please think twice before taking such ‘useful’ items (the things that can help facilitate creative play) to the tip!

Things to look out for this autumn term:

  • A Halloween party will be held on Friday 25th October 5-7pm, at school. This is open to all children of Primary age and younger.
  • Wreath making workshop, Thursday 28th November (parents and friends can bring their own alcohol to drink!)
  • Christmas Fair, Friday 6th December: delicious home cooked refreshments; silent auction; tombolas; raffles; stalls and children’s activities…….hopefully Father Christmas will be joining us…..letters have been written and distributed this week asking local businesses for donations, if we missed you – sorry, do contact school!  

Contact us: It is such a wonderfully fulfilling and enjoyable experience, though hard work at times, to participate in the PTFA. It’s a great way to meet others and forge friendships. The ‘F’ in PTFA refers to friends, so you don’t have to be a parent of a child at school. So if you are interested in joining/supporting us do get in touch, via school or find us on Facebook: Allendale Primary PTFA.”

Thanks Charlotte, the group sounds like a very rewarding activity for everyone who cares about Allendale Primary School!

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