Langley Dam: Fishing and Glamping

Today at Langley Dam Lake it’s the Freddie White Memorial Macmillan Day, from 9am as noted on the business’s facebook page, with donations going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Langley Dam enterprise has recently added a diversification component to its portfolio, as six ‘Langley Longboat’ cabins have become Langley Dam Glamping.

Although the fishery prices are a bit too stiff for me (£20 for an over-65 eight hour day and 3 fish, if caught, to take home) they’re doubtless great value for experienced fisher folks from out of the area to enjoy. Duffer that I am, I’d return empty-handed for sure, even though the lake is well stocked with hungry game fish. And the enterprise prides itself on training youngsters in fly fishing as well, as children from Haltwhistle School can attest. Moreover, the annual ‘Disabled Fishing Event’ held a fortnight ago is always very much appreciated too.

The Fishery runs a monthly Troutmasters competition in association with the Trout magazine, as well as an annual Junior competition. The lake is also available for group or club bookings which are probably a wonderful way to bond with fellow club members.

Open from 8am until 9pm all the way through the year, apart from January (when, I believe, the fish are too cold to rise, or else they have difficulty breaking through the ice!), the Fishery is a business, and has a firm set of rules, of which the most salient is probably that payment must be made before entering the lake boundaries.

Ratings and tributes for both the Fishery and the Glamping are very fulsome on facebook and TripAdvisor. What’s more, you can rent a boat and paddle around the lake in the sunshine, if you’ve a mind to! But be sure to check their availability, as they do get booked up by anglers eager to find that perfect fishing spot.

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