Old idea, new venue: Car Boot Sale at the Sports Ground

I haven’t been to very many Car Boot Sales, but I have a fair idea what to expect: lots of cars or tables spread out over the area, and lots of people ambling about looking at the offerings, hoping for treasures. When the junk filled the available space at ours, I guess I stopped looking for more! But it’s undeniable, a Car Boot Sale can bring in that critical bit of extra dosh that can make a difference to a family’s budget. And for the buyers, well, everyone knows about the 50p item that went on to being assessed in the thousands of pounds range, on the Antiques Roadshow. Not all junk then.

But it can’t be easy to start up a successful Car Boot Sale. There have to be enough ‘car boots’ on offer to convince the potential buyers it’s worth a look. And there have to enough potential buyers strolling around to reassure the sellers that their effort, packing up all their stuff for sale, has been worthwhile.

So the new venture in support of Allendale Sports Club, on the Sports Ground today, is very brave, it seems to me. Not only is its success entirely weather-dependent, but the organisers need to fulfill both sellers’ and buyers’ criteria from the get-go. On the other hand, these events do build, over time, and if there’s enough interest from the outset, the concept developed locally could be a real winner for the club. Goodness knows that the Sports Club committee are passionately committed to their cause, raising money by their industrious labours in catering opportunities at various functions, for example.

So we’ll wish the new venture well for today, and hope to have some photographs of the event to edit in later, with a word perhaps from the sponsors who might like to chat about how the day has materialised. Meanwhile, good luck to all, organisers, sellers and buyers, and here’s hoping the day will be a success!

Cars with their boots open and ready to show off their owners’ wares, lined up in the parking lot at Allendale Sports Ground

I managed to drop by as the sales were heating up, likely customers were streaming in to browse, and discovered a discrepancy in my prediction: not on the field then, whew! Over on the other field it looked like a junior footy effort was going on, while the Sports Club must have been happy today with the turnout of some 15 vehicles offering a cornucopia of bargains for the happy browsers. No doubt, we thought, the pitches must have been pre-booked until the parking space was full, and what good forethought by the organisers. I have a distinct feeling the opportunity will be offered again!

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