The Spice Mill: Indian Takeaway

Early in July, on the 10th actually, the Spice Mill posted a succinct notice in Allendale area notices: effective immediately, the business was consolidating into a take-away enterprise only. There was some consternation, but mostly folks were glad that the take-away would stay running. Oddly enough, the same sort of post (except it was indicated that a delivery service was anticipated) had been forwarded on to the facebook notices page on 23rd December, 2018. Perhaps only the take-away service prevailed, and the delivery option did not materialise very well.

The Spice Mill has been a surprising venture deep in these Allen Valleys, but its customers do love the convenience of ordering a brilliant Asian-based dinner to take home. The Allendale Lions had a large dinner upstairs a few years ago, and everyone was amazed at the steady stream of local customers arriving to collect their orders throughout the evening. Businesses have to follow their noses, after all, to follow the money that keeps them going.

Open from 5pm until 10pm every day except Tuesday, the Spice Mill offers great value take-away dinners with prompt service. Somehow, the name makes brilliant sense, situated as it is opposite the imposing schedule monument of the ancient Allen Mill. And, of course, if you’re stuck on a Tuesday, well, Tuesdays are the days that the Fire and Dough pizza van visits the square, as the diary has recounted.

So, for those evenings when everyone has just had enough, and the only thing for it is to get some food in, you can either hope for a great Indian, a lovely pizza, or you could meander through the Langley Bends to pick up the closest fish and chips take-out at the Haydon Bridge chippy. You can still peruse the take-away menu at the Spice Mill website, before you phone your order in (683355).

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