Getting ready for holidays

Somewhere in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands?

I don’t think we’re alone in spending a significant amount of time both thinking about, and then getting ready for a holiday. There’s always so much to do to prepare!

But we’re starting a bit early this year, because we’re older and slower, I guess. Our holiday looks like being sometime in mid-October, and it will probably be the Wester Ross coast again, since we loved that trip a couple or three years ago: crisp evenings; brilliant orange hues from the changing leaves; no midges; deserted roads.

My job is to kit out Harry Hymer for the trip ahead, with the new ideas we’ve had since our last trip. The main idea is to enhance our self-sufficiency on the road, with a couple more solar panels and a much improved charge controller. Whether it’s your home, or your home on the road, there’s still the challenges of ensuring that all the services contemporary life demands are in working order: electricity; water; heat; hot water; cooking capacity; multi-media entertainment; in addition of course to the normal mobility discipline a motorhome intrinsically imposes.

And that mobility is all wrapped up with vehicular maintenance and MOT — the sorts of things that should be reasonably well in hand since we only did some 5000 careful km of a road trip last autumn. But still, Harry is over 20 years old, and old vehicles do break down with monotonous regularity (sigh). When old Harry is certified fit for the road, there’ll be the insurance and breakdown cover, and then the tax disc renewal should be automatic. And then we’ll hit the road again!

By October, of course, the gardening will be quiescent; the hedges will be trimmed back by then neat and tidy, and with any luck the place will be settling down for a long winter’s nap. So not too challenging to leave the place, and the cat, for a little while. Especially if all the regular utilities services are functioning smoothly by then!

It’s exciting to plan ahead, dreaming of a lovely relaxing time with minimal cares, pitched up somewhere safe and cosy, even if just for a week, or only an extended weekend or two perhaps. Maybe it’s just the change of routine, or maybe it’s the slight frisson of adventure and the open road, but whatever it is, the thought of a holiday ahead can help to put a spring in our step, and drag us out of the mid-year doldrums. So a little perseverance on our own holiday accommodation amenities looks like doing wonders for the spirit, even though the holiday itself is really 3 months away still. Lots of time to dream.

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