Pubs in Transition II

As rumours swirl around the village, (and when have they ever not?!) the Golden Lion’s facebook page puts a brave face on things, as new local management seeks to bring locals back, after the upheavals of the past months. This evening the Lions Club will be looking at where they might hold their meetings after their own annual change-over in June, while tomorrow evening the Dale Singers are meeting earlier than usual to decide on a felicitous venue for their weekly rehearsals. What could be going on?

All of the original local staff in position at the beginning of this year have left the premises now. It’s not entirely clear who the actual tenants are, anymore, but it might be a new structure embodying the same external bosses, or it might be an entirely new team behind the scenes. The new local management hopes to bring local folks back, who in fact have left in their droves over the past weeks, but it’s anybody’s guess how that effort will pan out. Customers leave so quickly, but it can take years to build their loyalty back.

This is Pubs in Transition II, an update on the March 15th entry in this diary, in which the auguries were not good, emphasising as they did the potential for dramatic clientele shift away from one pub to another. It appears that something like that has been happening as we watch, as crowded and friendly sessions in a pub turn into quiet evenings, as the crowds go elsewhere. As happens in other places, of course, the tourists, holiday-makers and happy campers coming through the village in season (and hasn’t the new season after Easter hit the village with a bang!) tend to make up for the loss of local trade, as far as that goes, but by the end of the tourist season, will the busy times have been enough to counter-balance the quietude of the down times?

It may be that everything will settle down, as it always does in Allendale, and the pub trade will even out as local people get used to new offerings and service. You have to hope so, but meanwhile, of course, it’s great for the gossip mill!

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