Oh No — it isn’t . . .

. . . Oh Yes — it is!

The annual Pantomime is upon us, with a vengeance as it were, this year, wreaking havoc at every turn, as the grand dame(s) fling themselves around the trembling stage and everyone tries not to win in the raffle draw during the intermission.

We went on Friday evening, so I’ll need to be careful not to drop any spoilers in this little piece, for the folks reading throughout Saturday who are going on the last night. But I can say that the singing is a delight, the cast is familiar and yet expanded with new and welcome faces, and the storyline is engaging and stimulating. And the songs are so new, contemporary-feeling, intriguing!

It felt like a community party, to be honest, with friends old and new, and the panto gears clicked and whirred so smoothly throughout as the audience played its part.

The film, which has become a beloved part of the panto performance, was a marvel of inspiration and cleverness, and the finale held the audience rapt as it built to thunderous applause. And there were surprises throughout!

What more could we wish for, in a community effort, but to reach a state of mutual appreciation back and forth between stage and audience, as the annual performance shows off the community to itself. Such fun, and by the way: well done! Thanks Allen Valley Drama Group, thanks for a lovely evening of good laughter and song.

I carefully gathered up my programme with a view to another entry in the diary sometime around the time of the Drama Group AGM, which is usually toward the end of March, and this year is Thursday the 21st of March. I’m really looking forward to the results of this coming year’s planning and organising, of course, but for now it’s great to reflect on the joy of this year’s production.

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