A series of novels about Allendale

Haddaway man!

But, well, aye. Really. There are some parts of village life that a reportorial journal/diary simply cannot reach. So to try to encompass the missing gaps, a series of fictional novels is now live and available on the Amazon platform:

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The development of this series is documented in the author’s ‘fiction’ blog: BiomeNE47.com which you are very welcome to visit. Meanwhile, especially for visitors to these Allendale Diary pages, there’s a free offering of the first ten thousand words or so.

Greetings as we look to emerge from the pandemic!  Ever so slowly, ever so hesitantly, but possibly sometime around the corner.   It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? I do hope that everyone sharing in this list has made it through safely. One of the things I’ve been grateful for is that the Covid crisis waited until after an otherwise normal calendar year, which allowed us all to contribute to Allendale Diary throughout 2019, before it hit.

After I put AllendaleDiary.org  to bed, wrapped it into a big book, and distributed it locally, I was, as some of you may have realised, feeling rather bereft. But I found some consolation in working on a different project.   The timely lesson of Allendale Diary, to me, is that I should never hesitate before embarking on that exciting adventure I’ve been contemplating. Rather, one must make the very most of the time available.

The thing was, I’d realised, with the diary, that there were significant parts of village life that a piece of narrative reporting could not really reach.  The only way I could figure to access those parts was in a fictional, novelistic format.   So I put my head down and began.  I was well into it by the time lockdown was upon us, and so of course I just carried on through. Although the writing discipline I’d acquired throughout 2019 was a valuable lesson, cranking out some 750 words daily, it’s been a different kind of odyssey on the novelistic trail, but the project is now coming to fruition. If you’re interested in continuing to explore village life with me, through an extended series of novels,  I’d like to direct your attention to my new blog/website, BiomeNE47.com.

The first of the Biome NE47 series, Prequel,  launched on the 1st of June ’21 on the worldwide Amazon/Kindle/Audible platforms,  as an eBook and later as a paperback.     The second volume was published on the 1st of July. The third is planned for publication early in 2022,  as writing for it should commence in September.  Meanwhile, for a taster of the fictional experience in store, I hope you might enjoy reading these  Fragments of a Song,  a collection of scenes now served as an eBook, for free, via the ‘Free taster’ link up beside the cover image at the top of this post, through a link on the BiomeNE47.com site, or through the BookFunnel link just below.

The download will ask for your email address so that I can let you know, beloved readers of the diary pages, directly when free offerings of the novels become available.  My ambition is to offer the novels free to local readers who, I believe, will be the best critics and reviewers possible. Otherwise, I’m hoping that the independent route to self-publishing will be a reasonable commercial proposition, eliciting paying readers from around the world.  It must be about time somebody tries to immortalise life in this vibrant village, after all.

Download the free taster in eBook format (.epub or .mobi for Kindle) from BookFunnel, with my compliments!

The Biome NE47 series begins sixty years in the future, starting off in 2080.  Whatever will have happened around these parts by that time?  You might like to join me, the author, in discussions about the developing scenario, the crafting of the novels, and the otherwise lonely endeavour of writing.  The friendly blog details some of the odyssey from January of this year, when I began writing  Prequel.  

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