It’s on its way!

The final proof of the first edition of the big book of the blog was formally approved Tuesday afternoon a week ago.

Although I’ve been watching the updates on my account with like a very impatient hawk hovering at the roadside in the afternoon sunshine, I wasn’t quite sure, after the ‘BW Insides Printing’ the ‘Trimming’ and the ‘Quality Control’ notices, just what ‘Sent to Production’ might actually mean. Within the hour, however, a ‘Complete’ notice appeared. Another hour later and the notice came in by cheerful email that the shipment of the first 100 copies of Allendale Diary was due to be dispatched by Parcel Force’s Express24 service. Which means that five large cartons of books should be delivered to our door this very afternoon!

So I expect I shall be excitedly working to deliver the pre-paid orders along to some 25 very-much-valued supporters, over the next few days — thank you very much!

Meanwhile, as abashed as I am to countenance it, the suggestion from Margaret Stonehouse and Carrie that we should have a little book signing event, didn’t seem that unreasonable, though I’m naturally a very shy person, of course. Even more so after being such a recluse up in the fells these past couple of years. But I was persuaded to be brave, and so, and so:

A Launch and Book Signing session has been scheduled for Monday the 10th of February, between 7 and 8pm at The King’s Head. Everyone’s invited and, of course, copious quantities of the ‘book of the blog’ will be available for purchase at £20; all proceeds after the printing costs are defrayed will be going to charity. I do already have some 10 additional copies reserved by friendly readers of the blog, some of whom have promised to be at the book signing that I’d tentatively mentioned to them. So it could be quite a lovely little session. I do so hope that regular readers might drop in!

Until I actually have the copies in hand, as it were, I won’t publicise the launch any further beyond the blog family, though it would take some strength to hold all 100kg of books! So you heard it here first, which is as it should be, I reckon. I’ll be in touch individually with those who pre-ordered their copies, so that delivery can be arranged.

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